For example, one young

For example, one young It means only that you should not wait from the child of any in advance programmed behavior, it is necessary only softly, but persistently to direct its development to the necessary party.

For example, one young mother told me recently as she was proud that all three of her daughters took lessons of dances.

I unconditionally demanded that all three studied dances, she spoke.

I was engaged in the ballet and wanted that my children did the same.

I think that it is very important for their physical development and, besides, for character development.

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And having

And having Such love is capable to turn your life and to raise the level of your selfassessment on new height.

When you meet such love, it releases you and you can become such person by whom were conceived initially, one and only.

And having experienced this release, you will not be able to treat that person whom as it became clear, you are badly.

We want to be darlings without any bases on that.

Doctor Warren considers that the proof of that you found such love, the confidence is that your any act will not be able to destroy feeling which other person to you has.

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The child

The child Occupations included a technique of global reading reading by the whole words.

The child learns to learn words on cards entirely, without isolating separate letters.

At first the child finds the same card as at the adult, then finds the written word at a request: Where goat?


Will be more increasing than gradually remembered words.

Kid: receiving additional information in the form of graphic images words, starts developing quicker because he analyzes the perceived information quicker, overworks and acquires it.

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It is very

It is very But houses it is better for child to go barefoot till years.

It is useful for child to go to warm weather barefoot on a beach, in a garden and in other safe places.

Usually doctors recommend to buy the first boots with semifixed soles that muscles of feet had opportunity to work.

It is very important that boots and socks were rather great, then fingers standing will not be turned in but are not so great that the child fell.

Small children very quickly grow up from boots.

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The child

The child the small.

The child repeats the beginning of the phrase and finishes speaking it the word in an umenshitelnocaressing form.

The gnome brought us on a forest clearing shows the subject picture with puzzles, but all birds scattered.

It is necessary to call them, and for this purpose make offers about our Pasha.

The child makes offers on basic words.

For each made offer the logopedist gives to the child a bird which place needs to be found on the picture clearing.

Pasha, car, bags.

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During this

During this .

Understanding of the speech.

During this period there is a rapid growth of the passive dictionary.

The kid well knows names of close adults, understands many names of familiar toys, surrounding subjects, names of clothes.

At a request shows a hand or takes the subjects called by the adult in hand.

Ability to generalize continues to develop and be improved.

For example, in response to a request bring to mother a ball the child can bring easily any of the balls which are available near it, and not just with what he usually plays.

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Primech. lane

Primech. lane I began to be afraid to go to Sunday school because thought that me too will nail to a cross and I will suffer, as Iisus.

Ȥ沼 again wordplay.

The word let in English has also suffer value.


lane My friend reminded me Adam.

He also believed that speak to it.

I want to emphasize the main thing in such trustful young minds it is necessary to lay the foundation of cultural wealth.

At this age the child reveals and you are able to help it with it as in the emotional, psychological and physical plan, and in the spiritual.

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