At heart

At heart The boy began study at institute and found soon, as here it is difficult for it: new people, unreasonable requirements.

At heart it was heavy, it was possible to distract only at the computer he tells about it itself very emotionally and eloquently.

The reality with all its insuperable as it was represented to it, problems remained far; the computer screen reliably protected it from struggles of life.

Today it comes off the computer only for a while to eat and slightly to have a sleep.

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Ric, the beautiful

Ric, the beautiful Learn how to cope with a problem of their child and where and whom to ask for the help.

And soon they eliminate some reasons promoting development of irritability and a depression of the child.

Ric, the beautiful darkeyed boy of years of ten, appeared in my office, going ahead of the mother.

Very much I hope that you will be able to understand that with me, he told.

And that mother so worries, much more, than I.

Sometimes she even cries.

I cannot simply look at it.

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There is no need

There is no need While the child feels fear, it is senseless and cruel to urge on him and to laugh at it: such adult, and one is afraid to remain; you are a man, and were frightened of a puppy; such big and to enter water you are afraid.

There is no need to give heroic examples from own childhood here I at your age.

Or to find absolutely fearless boys and girls among his own friends.

It is necessary to show consideration for fears of the child.

But, perhaps, there is no sense to try to convince it in practice, what there is nothing to be afraid for example, together with it to climb under a bed to prove that there is no monster which frightens the child.

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Those from

Those from Sometimes we even test a temptation to give in to delusion and to recognize that all now new, that is that work on our internal and external transformation is complete.

But we often should recognize that we are still still very far from perfect, and that the obetovaniye will not be executed about one Day of Jesus Christ.

Those from us who is Christians many years, should learn to avoid acts which generate anger.

We have a Scriptus and support of church.

In most cases we know, for what behavior God from us waits.

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It is even

It is even If you employ the child nurse, you will be able to refuse it if she does not suit you that you will not be able to make with relatives.

It is even better if you employ the person who will help you about the house while you entirely will be occupied only by the child that will bring you huge satisfaction.

However, to find the housemaid or the nurse very difficult.

But try that it was the person with good character which willingly would adapt to you.

If the nurse behaves as if the child belongs to it more, than to you, get rid of it immediately and try to find another.

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But cannot

But cannot Opens corresponding ilk lustration.

It watered it in the morning and in the evening: lll.

Pays attention of the child to the provision of language during pronouncing a sound l.

Round a turnip weeded a grass: la lala, lololo, lylyly, lelele, lululu.

Loosened the earth: it is scarletolul, olulyl, ulylel, yl el it is scarlet.

And when the turnip grew, began to pull it: plaplyple, kloklukly, sleslaslu.

But cannot extend.

The child repeats syllabic chains after the logopedist.

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Especially Thus shovels are cramped to each other and the upper back is unbent.

Due to such straightening the kid can bend in hand elbows, raise them up and short time to remain in a sitting position, without support on hands.

In a pose sitting also it starts being formed and lumbar lordoz a deflection in a backbone in a waist.

You can see this deflection on yourself.

However do not land the child regularly.

Especially do not seat him in soft pillows.

It can promote development of a curvature of a backbone.

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