Today the discipline

Today the discipline Otherwise it is easy to turn over it superficially to examine and reject information as simplified and unreal.

Ways of expression of love to the child can be classified by four types: contact of eyes, physical contact, close attention and discipline.

Each area is essentially important.

Many parents and authorities focus the attention on one or two areas, neglecting others.

Today the discipline role is too emphasized, up to a defiance with all other areas.

I met many children from respectable families in which children were disciplined, but did not feel surrounded with love.

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What did Mashenka

What did Mashenka What did Mashenka think up to escape from a bear?

Why Mashenka asked to release it to the village for day?

What did Mashenka bake?

Where Mashenka put pies?

What manuals Mashenka gave to a bear?

How Mashenka deceived a bear?

Why the girl did not allow a bear to sit down on penek and there is a pie?

What happened to a bear in the village?

Where the grandfather and the grandmother found Mashenka?

How the grandmother and the grandfather began to call Mashenka?

Development of visual attention.

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Gradually If your child was born weighing g, it is necessary to check development in the book taking into account its delay for one two months.

Gradually this delay lag, a gap in development is reduced: most of premature kids catch up with the fullterm contemporaries on psychomotor development in a year one and a half.

The exception is made only by children with III and IV degrees of prematurity weight at the birth less than who in norm can sometimes make up for lag only on the third year of life.

And development in them happens unevenly till months of life they not only rates of development in them slower, than at the fullterm lag behind the fullterm children, but also.

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These are surprising

These are surprising However the problem consisted that it became for me obsession.

Within six weeks of Deniz regularly came to me to consultations, and soon she started understanding that concerns that to percent.

To belong to this group of people actually not so badly.

These are surprising people.

But as the type of the personality Deniza was not known to her parents, they behaved with her not as followed.

Deniza's sufferings could be avoided if parents understood that she represents.

Nevertheless they loved it.

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Punishments There is one situation in which this system well works when children in a family fight with each other.

When five and nine years were ours boys, they often fought.

Our requests helped to stop it not really.

At best, the world set in at some o'clock.

Punishments also had shortterm effect and were unpleasant for all.

But the system of remunerations helped.

We hung up a big sheet of paper on a wall and drew on it asterisks: one asterisk in every minute of the world.

Gradually we increased this time interval until fights completely did not stop.

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All of you read

All of you read Let's return to Ann.

She only wanted that somebody distracted from the affairs at least for a minute and talked to it.

And, of course, it was impossible to fill with any new jeans this emotional hunger.

All of you read newspapers, watch news and, of course, notice that the position of nonrecognition of authorities impetuously interferes today in our life.

Divorce, the conflict in a family, denial of moral installations all this manifestations of the similar attitude towards authorities which cannot but be reflected in life of our children.

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However when

However when Often girls remove the depression by means of chaotic sexual communications: the sufferings caused by a depression are softened during physical proximity.

However when this relationship comes to an end, these unfortunate children usually feel even worse they are even more suppressed, than earlier as their opinion on itself sharply falls.

The depression and a low selfassessment are almost always the reason of that the girl not really cares of the partner's choice.

We really can seriously help such children if we treat with attention to their state.

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