Crude fruit, such

Crude fruit, such Tinned fruit which are eaten by adults, are not so useful to children because of too sweet syrup.

If you give to children tinned compotes then merge sweet syrup.

Crude fruit, such as oranges, peaches, apricots, plums, grapes without stones, give between a year and two if the child has a good digestion.

Crude fruit has to be very ripe.

Cut off a peel for the child more young than years.

If you leave it, it is necessary to wash up carefully fruit to remove chemicals by which fruit trees were sprayed.

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Then you have

Then you have He is tired of these fruitless attempts soon and starts playing with food.

Then you have to clean food, having left some crumbs of meat that to it was with what to experiment.

Even, when he honestly tries to eat with a spoon, he will soil both himself, and all around, and you have to reconcile with it.

If you grudge a carpet, lay a big oilcloth under the child's chair.

If he learned to use a spoon, do not feed him more.

At first he wants to learn to eat itself, just as he wants to do everything.

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If while

If while While you sit with it on a floor, he can crawl away from you when he eventually understands that you anywhere from it will not get to.

If you take it on hands, will carry it, in the slightest attempt to lower it on a floor it will be noisy to protest.

If while you sit with it on a floor, he continues to complain, remember even any business and again leave the child of one.

Chronic unwillingness to go to bed.

This problem develops imperceptibly.

In most cases it arises at children who till months suffered from gases or regularly with irritation shouted.

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Pasha, porridge, kid. Pasha, pillow, pencil. Here

Pasha, porridge, kid. Pasha, pillow, pencil. Here Pasha, ball, bear.

Pasha, porridge, kid.

Pasha, pillow, pencil.

Here also birds on the places returned!

It is time for us to come back.

Here our bridge.

It is necessary to pass on it again and to remember all pictures.

You after all well remembered them?

About what picture you spoke?


The logopedist serially lists the loss for words at which the child was.

That, remembering the picture, answers: I well remembered.

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On the other

On the other Such situation is provided by the nature.

Mother and the child are in close proximity and can see faces of each other.

For the present the food for the child the highest pleasure and he connects this pleasure with presence of mother and her face.

On the other hand, some very busy mothers who have to look after and other children, are compelled to enclose a small bottle in some feedings.

For example, mothers of twins often enclose small bottles to one or both children.

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With the same

With the same Put the child on a back and keep this toy directly in the center of a look of the kid in cm from his eyes at the level of the top part of a breast.

For drawing attention of the child a toy it is necessary to shake that to the right, to the left, with an amplitude up to cm and with a frequency of fluctuations of one two times in a second.

With the same purpose the toy can be moved slowly on cm to the right to the left.

Since go day of life the child looks at such toy, that is fixes it a look within seconds.

With y weeks of life the child not only fixes a look on a bright toy, it also starts tracing it a look, that is to watch it.

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