Undresses Food.

Independently accurately eats with a spoon and a fork.

Holds them for the end of the handle.

Household skills.

Itself puts on and puts shoes on.

Clasps buttons, except inconvenient, for example on a back.

Some children it is possible to teach to tie laces.

Undresses independently.

Is able to put the clothes before going to bed.

Notices a disorder in the clothes.

Is able to use a handkerchief and a napkin as required without reminder.

Is able to walk at an entrance to the apartment.

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And it deeply

And it deeply Consider that such knowledge is vital in development of a selfassessment.

And it deeply influences ability of the child to interact with other people and to love them.

My medical experience shows that the close attention is essential it is necessary for the child; however we, parents, even recognize it with huge work, and still to a lesser extent we can satisfy it.

There are many reasons for which we cannot realize this specific requirement.

If we treat the child with ice cream and sweets, we give him gifts, we satisfy its requests, it seems to us it is quite sufficient, we are sure that it can replace close attention.

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Do not listen

Do not listen Usually these remarks are made of envy women who could not nurse.

Do not listen to them!

Sometimes breast milk decreases later.

Many mothers well cope with chest feeding in maternity hospital and some days or weeks upon return home except for the first two days of the house.

Then they feel that milk vanishes, and absolutely cease to nurse.

They usually speak: I have not enough milk or From my milk at the child diarrhea, or When he grew up, my milk ceased to be enough for it.

Why it occurs.

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Sometimes Such child willingly goes to bed and at once falls asleep, but regularly wakes up in the middle of the night.

Sometimes this habit appears during strong cold or an ear disease when he really wakes up from pain.

But in the next nights parents continue to jump and run to the child as soon as he begins to whimper though the disease already passes.

Sometimes the habit to wake up arises during the painful period of growth of teeth at night.

All small children as well as adults, half wake up several times in a night to change situation.

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Today the discipline

Today the discipline Otherwise it is easy to turn over it superficially to examine and reject information as simplified and unreal.

Ways of expression of love to the child can be classified by four types: contact of eyes, physical contact, close attention and discipline.

Each area is essentially important.

Many parents and authorities focus the attention on one or two areas, neglecting others.

Today the discipline role is too emphasized, up to a defiance with all other areas.

I met many children from respectable families in which children were disciplined, but did not feel surrounded with love.

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What did Mashenka

What did Mashenka What did Mashenka think up to escape from a bear?

Why Mashenka asked to release it to the village for day?

What did Mashenka bake?

Where Mashenka put pies?

What manuals Mashenka gave to a bear?

How Mashenka deceived a bear?

Why the girl did not allow a bear to sit down on penek and there is a pie?

What happened to a bear in the village?

Where the grandfather and the grandmother found Mashenka?

How the grandmother and the grandfather began to call Mashenka?

Development of visual attention.

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