On his face

On his face Do not hurry!

This hilarious show when the child for the first time tries firm food.

On his face bewilderment and disgust.

It wrinkles a nose and a forehead.

Do not condemn him for it.

Eventually it is taste and a consistence, really absolutely new to it.

Besides he did not get used to a spoon yet.

When the child sucks a breast, milk automatically gets to the right place.

But in the beginning he does not know that to do with firm food when it gets to his mouth.

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The second

The second Perfectly understanding that mother does not hear them really, the eldest son untied laces and got on a chair again.

Mothers, you to me will tie laces?

he asked.

The second boy quickly understood everything and too, quietly giggling, untied the laces.

Of course, mother answered and started tying laces on the second circle.

However, before the third managed to get again on a chair, mother noticed their trick.

Knowing, what pressure is put upon young mother by employment and vanity of everyday life, it is easy to guess as there could be this amusing episode.

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