If you want, give, begin! Try to answer

If you want, give, begin! Try to answer If you want, give, begin!

Try to answer a question, whether there are harmless forms of passive and aggressive behavior?

Do not forget that such behavior is unconscious and is that the child does absolutely opposite to for what you from it wait.

That what the room of the teenager is cluttered up?

For it it is normal as parents demand all the time: Tidy up the room!

If the room of your daughter all the time in a disorder, you can decide that on this subject it is possible to reprimand endlessly as the passive and aggressive behavior of the daughter in this case will not do harm to anybody.

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Lay the child

Lay the child Put an oilcloth on a bed and cover it with a towel.

Lay the child on a towel sideways and draw in his feet to a chin.

The pot has to be near at hand.

For chest and small children it is better and safer to use an enema with a soft rubber tip.

Completely fill a pear with water not to enter air into a rectum of the child.

Grease the end of an enema with glycerin, cream or soap and enter on cm into back pass.

Slowly and not really strongly squeeze a pear.

The more slowly you squeeze a pear, the you will give less troubles to the child and the more water in a rectum will be late.

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