Describing Without having waited for questions, she complains: the boy he is fourteen years old lost interest in study, moved down in all subjects, even shirks, absolutely grew lazy, idles, lies much.

Describing a situation, it speaks only in plural: We began to shirk, We on a sofa lie from morning to the night.

So ordinary speak about the small child when mother has with him a life really general.

The child sitting before me strong, broadshouldered, quite courageous look, with considerably the making the way vegetation on cheeks.

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I mean that

I mean that Of course, I do not call for that he recognized them on own experience.

I mean that it is necessary to teach the teenager to cope with real life, establishing borders legal, based on trust, considering his behavior and character of a concrete situation.

You have to adhere to a strict dosage in expansion of the rights of your teenager the new rights helped it to overcome various difficulties of life in process of their emergence.

It is necessary to teach him how to behave in the majority of life situations.

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Pay attention

Pay attention Pay attention of the child to bright details that is put on on the hero, what is his name etc.


After the story, showing on a detail of pictures, achieve from the child of answers to questions: who is represented on the picture?

what does it do?

where there is an action?

At this age the kid can designate words two three actions.

If to lay out before the child some pictures with subjects known to it, animal, on the adult's question Where a cat?

and then on a question Where a dog?

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  • Like the child
  • On his face
  • baby
  • Describing
  • Accurately
  • And having
  • Pasha, porridge, kid. Pasha, pillow, pencil. Here
  • If you want, give, begin! Try to answer
  • If all of you find
  • Lay the child