I do not mean

I do not mean It seems to it that such leaving has to be very pleasant, but he is disappointed.

But it is even more important to emphasize aspiration of the child to become the adult more often.

Parents can remind the child that he became big, strong and clever that he is able to do a lot of things.

I do not mean that you have to deliver a long prosensual speech on this subject.

But you have to praise sincerely the child when he deserves it.

Sometimes it is possible to speak of helplessness of the newborn tone of a regret.

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If he feels

If he feels If he becomes angry about the newborn, will behave as well as parents when they become angry.

If he feels safe and is sure, he will teach the younger brother to go, speak etc.

, to give it toys, to help to feed, bathe, dress, calm when he cries, to protect and preserve it.

The senior child tries to play this role even without encouragement of the parents, but you can help it, doing justice to its efforts and prompting, than it can help if he does not guess.

Mothers of twins who extremely needed the help, said that they were struck, what effective and conscientious assistant there was a threeyearold girl.

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Accurately Under your phrases gave it the child has to knock consistently on hand fingers, beginning from a little finger to a forefinger, and at words to it did not allow to knock on the last big finger.

Accurately carries out simple instructions as understands value of key phrases of tasks which quantity quickly increases.

Through small time except give me; show me, the child understands bring, carry, close, put, open.

As he knows these keywords, successfully performs tasks with those subjects which names to it are also already known: Bring a mother's handbag, Get father's keys, Show me the legs etc.

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