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It means only that you should not wait from the child of any in advance programmed behavior, it is necessary only softly, but persistently to direct its development to the necessary party.For example, one young mother told me recently as she was proud that all three of her daughters took lessons of dances.I unconditionally demanded that all three studied dances, she spoke.I was engaged in the ballet and wanted that my children did the same.I think that it is very important for their physical development and, besides, for character development.

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Such love is capable to turn your life and to raise the level of your selfassessment on new height.When you meet such love, it releases you and you can become such person by whom were conceived initially, one and only.And having experienced this release, you will not be able to treat that person whom as it became clear, you are badly.We want to be darlings without any bases on that.Doctor Warren considers that the proof of that you found such love, the confidence is that your any act will not be able to destroy feeling which other person to you has.

The child

Occupations included a technique of global reading reading by the whole words.The child learns to learn words on cards entirely, without isolating separate letters.At first the child finds the same card as at the adult, then finds the written word at a request: Where goat?Give!Will be more increasing than gradually remembered words.Kid: receiving additional information in the form of graphic images words, starts developing quicker because he analyzes the perceived information quicker, overworks and acquires it.

It is very

But houses it is better for child to go barefoot till years.It is useful for child to go to warm weather barefoot on a beach, in a garden and in other safe places.Usually doctors recommend to buy the first boots with semifixed soles that muscles of feet had opportunity to work.It is very important that boots and socks were rather great, then fingers standing will not be turned in but are not so great that the child fell.Small children very quickly grow up from boots.

The child

the small.The child repeats the beginning of the phrase and finishes speaking it the word in an umenshitelnocaressing form.The gnome brought us on a forest clearing shows the subject picture with puzzles, but all birds scattered.It is necessary to call them, and for this purpose make offers about our Pasha.The child makes offers on basic words.For each made offer the logopedist gives to the child a bird which place needs to be found on the picture clearing.Pasha, car, bags.

During this

.Understanding of the speech.During this period there is a rapid growth of the passive dictionary.The kid well knows names of close adults, understands many names of familiar toys, surrounding subjects, names of clothes.At a request shows a hand or takes the subjects called by the adult in hand.Ability to generalize continues to develop and be improved.For example, in response to a request bring to mother a ball the child can bring easily any of the balls which are available near it, and not just with what he usually plays.

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At heart

The boy began study at institute and found soon, as here it is difficult for it: new people, unreasonable requirements.At heart it was heavy, it was possible to distract only at the computer he tells about it itself very emotionally and eloquently.The reality with all its insuperable as it was represented to it, problems remained far; the computer screen reliably protected it from struggles of life.Today it comes off the computer only for a while to eat and slightly to have a sleep.

Ric, the beautiful

Learn how to cope with a problem of their child and where and whom to ask for the help.And soon they eliminate some reasons promoting development of irritability and a depression of the child.Ric, the beautiful darkeyed boy of years of ten, appeared in my office, going ahead of the mother.Very much I hope that you will be able to understand that with me, he told.And that mother so worries, much more, than I.Sometimes she even cries.I cannot simply look at it.

There is no need

While the child feels fear, it is senseless and cruel to urge on him and to laugh at it: such adult, and one is afraid to remain; you are a man, and were frightened of a puppy; such big and to enter water you are afraid.There is no need to give heroic examples from own childhood here I at your age.Or to find absolutely fearless boys and girls among his own friends.It is necessary to show consideration for fears of the child.But, perhaps, there is no sense to try to convince it in practice, what there is nothing to be afraid for example, together with it to climb under a bed to prove that there is no monster which frightens the child.

Those from

Sometimes we even test a temptation to give in to delusion and to recognize that all now new, that is that work on our internal and external transformation is complete.But we often should recognize that we are still still very far from perfect, and that the obetovaniye will not be executed about one Day of Jesus Christ.Those from us who is Christians many years, should learn to avoid acts which generate anger.We have a Scriptus and support of church.In most cases we know, for what behavior God from us waits.

It is even

If you employ the child nurse, you will be able to refuse it if she does not suit you that you will not be able to make with relatives.It is even better if you employ the person who will help you about the house while you entirely will be occupied only by the child that will bring you huge satisfaction.However, to find the housemaid or the nurse very difficult.But try that it was the person with good character which willingly would adapt to you.If the nurse behaves as if the child belongs to it more, than to you, get rid of it immediately and try to find another.

But cannot

Opens corresponding ilk lustration.It watered it in the morning and in the evening: lll.Pays attention of the child to the provision of language during pronouncing a sound l.Round a turnip weeded a grass: la lala, lololo, lylyly, lelele, lululu.Loosened the earth: it is scarletolul, olulyl, ulylel, yl el it is scarlet.And when the turnip grew, began to pull it: plaplyple, kloklukly, sleslaslu.But cannot extend.The child repeats syllabic chains after the logopedist.


Thus shovels are cramped to each other and the upper back is unbent.Due to such straightening the kid can bend in hand elbows, raise them up and short time to remain in a sitting position, without support on hands.In a pose sitting also it starts being formed and lumbar lordoz a deflection in a backbone in a waist.You can see this deflection on yourself.However do not land the child regularly.Especially do not seat him in soft pillows.It can promote development of a curvature of a backbone.

Like the child

During interview with the perspective employee the employer does not behave passive aggressively.Can pass some months before such type of behavior starts being shown and at the employee.Like the child who came to new school he gets to work with the positive relation.Everything goes well some time.But then troubles begin.Something irritates the employee, this irritation collects in it and eventually is shown in the form of passive and aggressive behavior, for example, of some gestures and a mimicry which do not testify to its respect for authority of the employer.

Though such

There is a set of the reasons explaining it.For example, it seems to parents that that attention which they pay to the teenagers, encouraging them, giving gifts and conceding them to strange desires, there is quite enough.All this, of course, too is necessary.But would be a big mistake to consider that these can replace sincere and undivided attention.Though such replacement is very attractive to parents.After all it is much simpler to praise or present something, and it takes away not much time.


Sometimes for rescue of the person there is enough only one tender word.Attitude towards itself Our selfassessment this our feeling.How we perceive ourselves, our life, our feelings in relation to friends all this influences our selfassessment.Our selfassessment it and by what we are presented to another.Our selfassessment depends on how our friends, teachers, parents or tutors treat us that they speak about us.If you are surrounded by nice people and you get on with them, so you are positive to yourself.

If fears

But most often, feeling fear, the child is excited he rushes about, shouts, clings to you or escapes from hands, tries to escape, hide.If fears torment him long time, both his behavior, and mood changes: it becomes silent, suppressed and boring.Or as if on the contrary restless, irritable, conflict, it is unceasing the talkative.Such, at first sight, unlike manifestations an essence two parties of one frustration fear neurosis.What to do, in each case the psychologist or the children's psychiatrist will prompt.

Crude fruit, such

Tinned fruit which are eaten by adults, are not so useful to children because of too sweet syrup.If you give to children tinned compotes then merge sweet syrup.Crude fruit, such as oranges, peaches, apricots, plums, grapes without stones, give between a year and two if the child has a good digestion.Crude fruit has to be very ripe.Cut off a peel for the child more young than years.If you leave it, it is necessary to wash up carefully fruit to remove chemicals by which fruit trees were sprayed.

Then you have

He is tired of these fruitless attempts soon and starts playing with food.Then you have to clean food, having left some crumbs of meat that to it was with what to experiment.Even, when he honestly tries to eat with a spoon, he will soil both himself, and all around, and you have to reconcile with it.If you grudge a carpet, lay a big oilcloth under the child's chair.If he learned to use a spoon, do not feed him more.At first he wants to learn to eat itself, just as he wants to do everything.

If while

While you sit with it on a floor, he can crawl away from you when he eventually understands that you anywhere from it will not get to.If you take it on hands, will carry it, in the slightest attempt to lower it on a floor it will be noisy to protest.If while you sit with it on a floor, he continues to complain, remember even any business and again leave the child of one.Chronic unwillingness to go to bed.This problem develops imperceptibly.In most cases it arises at children who till months suffered from gases or regularly with irritation shouted.

Pasha, porridge, kid. Pasha, pillow, pencil. Here

On the other

Such situation is provided by the nature.Mother and the child are in close proximity and can see faces of each other.For the present the food for the child the highest pleasure and he connects this pleasure with presence of mother and her face.On the other hand, some very busy mothers who have to look after and other children, are compelled to enclose a small bottle in some feedings.For example, mothers of twins often enclose small bottles to one or both children.

With the same

Put the child on a back and keep this toy directly in the center of a look of the kid in cm from his eyes at the level of the top part of a breast.For drawing attention of the child a toy it is necessary to shake that to the right, to the left, with an amplitude up to cm and with a frequency of fluctuations of one two times in a second.With the same purpose the toy can be moved slowly on cm to the right to the left.Since go day of life the child looks at such toy, that is fixes it a look within seconds.With y weeks of life the child not only fixes a look on a bright toy, it also starts tracing it a look, that is to watch it.


Food.Independently accurately eats with a spoon and a fork.Holds them for the end of the handle.Household skills.Itself puts on and puts shoes on.Clasps buttons, except inconvenient, for example on a back.Some children it is possible to teach to tie laces.Undresses independently.Is able to put the clothes before going to bed.Notices a disorder in the clothes.Is able to use a handkerchief and a napkin as required without reminder.Is able to walk at an entrance to the apartment.

And it deeply

Consider that such knowledge is vital in development of a selfassessment.And it deeply influences ability of the child to interact with other people and to love them.My medical experience shows that the close attention is essential it is necessary for the child; however we, parents, even recognize it with huge work, and still to a lesser extent we can satisfy it.There are many reasons for which we cannot realize this specific requirement.If we treat the child with ice cream and sweets, we give him gifts, we satisfy its requests, it seems to us it is quite sufficient, we are sure that it can replace close attention.

Do not listen

Usually these remarks are made of envy women who could not nurse.Do not listen to them!Sometimes breast milk decreases later.Many mothers well cope with chest feeding in maternity hospital and some days or weeks upon return home except for the first two days of the house.Then they feel that milk vanishes, and absolutely cease to nurse.They usually speak: I have not enough milk or From my milk at the child diarrhea, or When he grew up, my milk ceased to be enough for it.Why it occurs.


Such child willingly goes to bed and at once falls asleep, but regularly wakes up in the middle of the night.Sometimes this habit appears during strong cold or an ear disease when he really wakes up from pain.But in the next nights parents continue to jump and run to the child as soon as he begins to whimper though the disease already passes.Sometimes the habit to wake up arises during the painful period of growth of teeth at night.All small children as well as adults, half wake up several times in a night to change situation.

Today the discipline

Otherwise it is easy to turn over it superficially to examine and reject information as simplified and unreal.Ways of expression of love to the child can be classified by four types: contact of eyes, physical contact, close attention and discipline.Each area is essentially important.Many parents and authorities focus the attention on one or two areas, neglecting others.Today the discipline role is too emphasized, up to a defiance with all other areas.I met many children from respectable families in which children were disciplined, but did not feel surrounded with love.

What did Mashenka

What did Mashenka think up to escape from a bear?Why Mashenka asked to release it to the village for day?What did Mashenka bake?Where Mashenka put pies?What manuals Mashenka gave to a bear?How Mashenka deceived a bear?Why the girl did not allow a bear to sit down on penek and there is a pie?What happened to a bear in the village?Where the grandfather and the grandmother found Mashenka?How the grandmother and the grandfather began to call Mashenka?Development of visual attention.


If your child was born weighing g, it is necessary to check development in the book taking into account its delay for one two months.Gradually this delay lag, a gap in development is reduced: most of premature kids catch up with the fullterm contemporaries on psychomotor development in a year one and a half.The exception is made only by children with III and IV degrees of prematurity weight at the birth less than who in norm can sometimes make up for lag only on the third year of life.And development in them happens unevenly till months of life they not only rates of development in them slower, than at the fullterm lag behind the fullterm children, but also.

These are surprising

However the problem consisted that it became for me obsession.Within six weeks of Deniz regularly came to me to consultations, and soon she started understanding that concerns that to percent.To belong to this group of people actually not so badly.These are surprising people.But as the type of the personality Deniza was not known to her parents, they behaved with her not as followed.Deniza's sufferings could be avoided if parents understood that she represents.Nevertheless they loved it.


There is one situation in which this system well works when children in a family fight with each other.When five and nine years were ours boys, they often fought.Our requests helped to stop it not really.At best, the world set in at some o'clock.Punishments also had shortterm effect and were unpleasant for all.But the system of remunerations helped.We hung up a big sheet of paper on a wall and drew on it asterisks: one asterisk in every minute of the world.Gradually we increased this time interval until fights completely did not stop.

All of you read

Let's return to Ann.She only wanted that somebody distracted from the affairs at least for a minute and talked to it.And, of course, it was impossible to fill with any new jeans this emotional hunger.All of you read newspapers, watch news and, of course, notice that the position of nonrecognition of authorities impetuously interferes today in our life.Divorce, the conflict in a family, denial of moral installations all this manifestations of the similar attitude towards authorities which cannot but be reflected in life of our children.

However when

Often girls remove the depression by means of chaotic sexual communications: the sufferings caused by a depression are softened during physical proximity.However when this relationship comes to an end, these unfortunate children usually feel even worse they are even more suppressed, than earlier as their opinion on itself sharply falls.The depression and a low selfassessment are almost always the reason of that the girl not really cares of the partner's choice.We really can seriously help such children if we treat with attention to their state.

If deviations

We express the love a look visual communication, physical contact it is incredibly difficult complex of feelings and attention the visual and acoustical perception, and also inclusion of thought processes is meant.If deviations concern some of these areas, the understanding of the child will be distorted, and it not only will bring chagrin, but also will create certain restrictions in communication.Sharing suffering Suffer not only the children having deviations, but also their parents who usually pass through all scale of experiences before realize that their child is not capable to cope with requirements of the school program.

Both doctors, and parents

Other doctors and parents still disapprovingly treat these nipples.Both doctors, and parents observed that the newborns sucking pacifiers seldom suck subsequently fingers.On the other hand, many children who got used to a pacifier continue to need it till years, and the few children even till years.It seems to parents ugly.They consider that it even is worse, than a finger sosaniye.This matter of taste.The pacifier has clear advantages before a finger sosaniye.Most of the children sucking fingers from months continues to suck them till years.

Vital answer, isn't it? One of the main

If you love the teenager certainly, he feels that you answer him yes and if you love it with reservations, he feels uncertainty and concern.Whether your answer to this important question you love me?defines the relation of your teenager to life.Vital answer, isn't it?One of the main reasons for inability of parents to express the love of children consists in ignorance of a difference in perception of the world by the adult and the teenager.The matter is that the teenager estimates people on their behavior.

Some months

I did everything that could if only to amuse him.I rejoiced that we again houses all together.But mother almost did not notice me.As far as I remember, I always did not have it love.When Brll was ten years old, and me eight, mother with the father started construction of the new house.Some months passed as in fever.I remember how we fought with Bill, and then the father punished us.Once, when it again happened, Bill escaped, and I returned to the house.


The behavior of such child often looks ridiculous, and the school, as a rule, reacts to this behavior irreconcilably, often ruthlessly.Especially contemporaries differ: the odd fellow and the clever man is called little fool and foolish.I remember the twelveyearold boy closed and lonely, extraordinary keen on physics: rather gifted.He was engaged at school of the young physicist in MSU, in group where all were more senior, than it, for threefour years and even on this background was allocated as very strong.

It, of course, a trope, but it precisely

He pays attention to acts.It is also important to remember that your teenager has certain an emotional capacity.It, of course, a trope, but it precisely transfers an essence.The teenager has certain emotional requirements, and from, whether they are satisfied by means of love, understanding, discipline etc., his health depends whether he is happy and happy or suppressed and angry.And it, in turn, is reflected in his behavior it is obedient or not, he cries or laughs, communicates with contemporaries or becomes reserved.

If you want, give, begin! Try to answer

If you want, give, begin!Try to answer a question, whether there are harmless forms of passive and aggressive behavior?Do not forget that such behavior is unconscious and is that the child does absolutely opposite to for what you from it wait.That what the room of the teenager is cluttered up?For it it is normal as parents demand all the time: Tidy up the room!If the room of your daughter all the time in a disorder, you can decide that on this subject it is possible to reprimand endlessly as the passive and aggressive behavior of the daughter in this case will not do harm to anybody.

Lay the child

Put an oilcloth on a bed and cover it with a towel.Lay the child on a towel sideways and draw in his feet to a chin.The pot has to be near at hand.For chest and small children it is better and safer to use an enema with a soft rubber tip.Completely fill a pear with water not to enter air into a rectum of the child.Grease the end of an enema with glycerin, cream or soap and enter on cm into back pass.Slowly and not really strongly squeeze a pear.The more slowly you squeeze a pear, the you will give less troubles to the child and the more water in a rectum will be late.


Without having waited for questions, she complains: the boy he is fourteen years old lost interest in study, moved down in all subjects, even shirks, absolutely grew lazy, idles, lies much.Describing a situation, it speaks only in plural: We began to shirk, We on a sofa lie from morning to the night.So ordinary speak about the small child when mother has with him a life really general.The child sitting before me strong, broadshouldered, quite courageous look, with considerably the making the way vegetation on cheeks.

I mean that

Of course, I do not call for that he recognized them on own experience.I mean that it is necessary to teach the teenager to cope with real life, establishing borders legal, based on trust, considering his behavior and character of a concrete situation.You have to adhere to a strict dosage in expansion of the rights of your teenager the new rights helped it to overcome various difficulties of life in process of their emergence.It is necessary to teach him how to behave in the majority of life situations.

Pay attention

Pay attention of the child to bright details that is put on on the hero, what is his name etc..After the story, showing on a detail of pictures, achieve from the child of answers to questions: who is represented on the picture?what does it do?where there is an action?At this age the kid can designate words two three actions.If to lay out before the child some pictures with subjects known to it, animal, on the adult's question Where a cat?and then on a question Where a dog?

I do not mean

It seems to it that such leaving has to be very pleasant, but he is disappointed.But it is even more important to emphasize aspiration of the child to become the adult more often.Parents can remind the child that he became big, strong and clever that he is able to do a lot of things.I do not mean that you have to deliver a long prosensual speech on this subject.But you have to praise sincerely the child when he deserves it.Sometimes it is possible to speak of helplessness of the newborn tone of a regret.

If he feels

If he becomes angry about the newborn, will behave as well as parents when they become angry.If he feels safe and is sure, he will teach the younger brother to go, speak etc., to give it toys, to help to feed, bathe, dress, calm when he cries, to protect and preserve it.The senior child tries to play this role even without encouragement of the parents, but you can help it, doing justice to its efforts and prompting, than it can help if he does not guess.Mothers of twins who extremely needed the help, said that they were struck, what effective and conscientious assistant there was a threeyearold girl.


Under your phrases gave it the child has to knock consistently on hand fingers, beginning from a little finger to a forefinger, and at words to it did not allow to knock on the last big finger.Accurately carries out simple instructions as understands value of key phrases of tasks which quantity quickly increases.Through small time except give me; show me, the child understands bring, carry, close, put, open.As he knows these keywords, successfully performs tasks with those subjects which names to it are also already known: Bring a mother's handbag, Get father's keys, Show me the legs etc.

On his face

Do not hurry!This hilarious show when the child for the first time tries firm food.On his face bewilderment and disgust.It wrinkles a nose and a forehead.Do not condemn him for it.Eventually it is taste and a consistence, really absolutely new to it.Besides he did not get used to a spoon yet.When the child sucks a breast, milk automatically gets to the right place.But in the beginning he does not know that to do with firm food when it gets to his mouth.

The second

Perfectly understanding that mother does not hear them really, the eldest son untied laces and got on a chair again.Mothers, you to me will tie laces?he asked.The second boy quickly understood everything and too, quietly giggling, untied the laces.Of course, mother answered and started tying laces on the second circle.However, before the third managed to get again on a chair, mother noticed their trick.Knowing, what pressure is put upon young mother by employment and vanity of everyday life, it is easy to guess as there could be this amusing episode.

If all of you find

If you want that your teenager managed to stand in today's world, you should happen more to it, filling it with positive emotions; especially it is important, when in his soul confusion.If all of you find time to satisfy all his emotional requirements, it will find confidence and courage and will find for itselfhimself those reference points which will help it with life.It will become stronger and will be able to overcome influence of those who would like to exploit it.All this can seem unrealizable, especially if your child is shipped in himself and not located to communicate that very often meets among teenagers of younger and middle age.

Suggest the child

Occupation course Organizational moment.Suggest the child to consider the subject picture All ran up.Ask it to tell that on it it is drawn.Suggest the child to listen to the fairy tale Fear takes molehills for mountains.Joint telling of the fairy tale with a support on subject pictures.Tell read the fairy tale in the text, stopping at appearance of each hero.Give to the child on one subject pictures with the sticker pasted in advance with a sticky layer.

But they

It is weak and clumsy we will play sports, to go hiking, train at home; it is awkward in the movements, quickly is tired we will do every day physical exercises.But they do not train and temper, and exhaust, confirming already low opinion of the child on own opportunities.Or our usual complaints that the child is lazy and restless we force it to sit for hours at lessons, we reprimand.In a word, we bring up though he, perhaps, suffers from violation of concentration of attention, and it needs the special help.

Put before

Tell that the wood to which girls went, was dense.Ask that means the word dense.Put before each child the picture Try, find see fig..Suggest it to consider.Ask to find the hidden Masha on the picture and to tell about where it hid.Behind a firtree.Ask why the child so solved.Development of calculating skills At whom how many?.Put before each child the picture of Berry see fig..Suggest children to consider and call all berries raspberry, wild strawberry, bilberry represented on the picture above.


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