But cannot

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But cannot Opens corresponding ilk lustration.

It watered it in the morning and in the evening: lll.

Pays attention of the child to the provision of language during pronouncing a sound l.

Round a turnip weeded a grass: la lala, lololo, lylyly, lelele, lululu.

Loosened the earth: it is scarletolul, olulyl, ulylel, yl el it is scarlet.

And when the turnip grew, began to pull it: plaplyple, kloklukly, sleslaslu.

But cannot extend.

The child repeats syllabic chains after the logopedist.

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Especially Thus shovels are cramped to each other and the upper back is unbent.

Due to such straightening the kid can bend in hand elbows, raise them up and short time to remain in a sitting position, without support on hands.

In a pose sitting also it starts being formed and lumbar lordoz a deflection in a backbone in a waist.

You can see this deflection on yourself.

However do not land the child regularly.

Especially do not seat him in soft pillows.

It can promote development of a curvature of a backbone.

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Like the child

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Like the child During interview with the perspective employee the employer does not behave passive aggressively.

Can pass some months before such type of behavior starts being shown and at the employee.

Like the child who came to new school he gets to work with the positive relation.

Everything goes well some time.

But then troubles begin.

Something irritates the employee, this irritation collects in it and eventually is shown in the form of passive and aggressive behavior, for example, of some gestures and a mimicry which do not testify to its respect for authority of the employer.

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Though such

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Though such There is a set of the reasons explaining it.

For example, it seems to parents that that attention which they pay to the teenagers, encouraging them, giving gifts and conceding them to strange desires, there is quite enough.

All this, of course, too is necessary.

But would be a big mistake to consider that these can replace sincere and undivided attention.

Though such replacement is very attractive to parents.

After all it is much simpler to praise or present something, and it takes away not much time.

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Attitude Sometimes for rescue of the person there is enough only one tender word.

Attitude towards itself Our selfassessment this our feeling.

How we perceive ourselves, our life, our feelings in relation to friends all this influences our selfassessment.

Our selfassessment it and by what we are presented to another.

Our selfassessment depends on how our friends, teachers, parents or tutors treat us that they speak about us.

If you are surrounded by nice people and you get on with them, so you are positive to yourself.

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If fears

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If fears But most often, feeling fear, the child is excited he rushes about, shouts, clings to you or escapes from hands, tries to escape, hide.

If fears torment him long time, both his behavior, and mood changes: it becomes silent, suppressed and boring.

Or as if on the contrary restless, irritable, conflict, it is unceasing the talkative.

Such, at first sight, unlike manifestations an essence two parties of one frustration fear neurosis.

What to do, in each case the psychologist or the children's psychiatrist will prompt.

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