Both doctors, and parents

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Both doctors, and parents Other doctors and parents still disapprovingly treat these nipples.

Both doctors, and parents observed that the newborns sucking pacifiers seldom suck subsequently fingers.

On the other hand, many children who got used to a pacifier continue to need it till years, and the few children even till years.

It seems to parents ugly.

They consider that it even is worse, than a finger sosaniye.

This matter of taste.

The pacifier has clear advantages before a finger sosaniye.

Most of the children sucking fingers from months continues to suck them till years.

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Vital answer, isn't it? One of the main

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Vital answer, isn't it? One of the main If you love the teenager certainly, he feels that you answer him yes and if you love it with reservations, he feels uncertainty and concern.

Whether your answer to this important question you love me?

defines the relation of your teenager to life.

Vital answer, isn't it?

One of the main reasons for inability of parents to express the love of children consists in ignorance of a difference in perception of the world by the adult and the teenager.

The matter is that the teenager estimates people on their behavior.

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Some months

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Some months I did everything that could if only to amuse him.

I rejoiced that we again houses all together.

But mother almost did not notice me.

As far as I remember, I always did not have it love.

When Brll was ten years old, and me eight, mother with the father started construction of the new house.

Some months passed as in fever.

I remember how we fought with Bill, and then the father punished us.

Once, when it again happened, Bill escaped, and I returned to the house.

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Especially The behavior of such child often looks ridiculous, and the school, as a rule, reacts to this behavior irreconcilably, often ruthlessly.

Especially contemporaries differ: the odd fellow and the clever man is called little fool and foolish.

I remember the twelveyearold boy closed and lonely, extraordinary keen on physics: rather gifted.

He was engaged at school of the young physicist in MSU, in group where all were more senior, than it, for threefour years and even on this background was allocated as very strong.

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It, of course, a trope, but it precisely

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It, of course, a trope, but it precisely He pays attention to acts.

It is also important to remember that your teenager has certain an emotional capacity.

It, of course, a trope, but it precisely transfers an essence.

The teenager has certain emotional requirements, and from, whether they are satisfied by means of love, understanding, discipline etc.

, his health depends whether he is happy and happy or suppressed and angry.

And it, in turn, is reflected in his behavior it is obedient or not, he cries or laughs, communicates with contemporaries or becomes reserved.

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If you want, give, begin! Try to answer

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If you want, give, begin! Try to answer If you want, give, begin!

Try to answer a question, whether there are harmless forms of passive and aggressive behavior?

Do not forget that such behavior is unconscious and is that the child does absolutely opposite to for what you from it wait.

That what the room of the teenager is cluttered up?

For it it is normal as parents demand all the time: Tidy up the room!

If the room of your daughter all the time in a disorder, you can decide that on this subject it is possible to reprimand endlessly as the passive and aggressive behavior of the daughter in this case will not do harm to anybody.

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